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5 Good Reasons to Renovate Your Bathroom In 2019

5 Good Reasons to Renovate Your Bathroom In 2019

Wondering if 2019 is the right time to take on that big bathroom renovation you have been dreaming off? The time has come to stop fantasizing and start acting – there is no time like the present to freshen up your home with a brand new and beautiful bathroom design.

Modern home design trends tend to focus on lavish bathrooms. This is mostly because it is so fun to spend some time in a beautiful bathroom where you can soak up some heat, blow off some steam and refresh your spirit. If these are still not good enough reasons to convince you that now is a good time for a renovation project then these five reasons certainly will change your mind.

1. Increase Property Value and Modernity

Regular home improvements and repairs are important so you can maintain your current property value as your neighbourhood develops and so you can make a good profit when it is time to sell your home. The bathroom and kitchen are the two rooms that have the biggest impact on your property value and your home’s style and modernity. With a beautiful bathroom that suits modern home trends and designs, your home will be much more appealing to wealthy buyers.

2. Get Existing Problems Fixed

One of the best reasons to get a bathroom upgrade is so you can fix problems such as plumbing issues, broken tiles, leaking taps or stained toilets that have been bothering you for years. A full renovation is a perfect time to get all of these hard to repair issues solved for good.

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3. You Can Get More Storage Space

In older home designs the bathroom was clean-cut, simple and only consisted of your basic bathroom ware. Modern homeowners and bigger families do however prefer more storage space and accessories. With a beautiful and big vanity and some built-in bathroom cabinets, you can prevent clutter and keep all bathroom extras inside the bathroom – yes, no more running out of toilet paper or towels.

4. Enhance Home Functionality

As your family expands you will quickly find that your bathroom might no longer be suitable for all your needs. For example, a shower alone simply won’t do if you have small children and more storage space comes in handy when lots of siblings are sharing the same bathroom. A bathroom upgrade gives you the opportunity to create a more suitable bathroom with a design that has the needed bathroom ware and accessories to suit your changed life.

5. Enjoy An Energy And Water Efficient Bathroom

In the average family, the water consumption inside the bathroom is half of your entire daily water usage. Yes, that includes garden irrigation water usage. Modern bathroom accessories such as lights, mirrors, skylights, showerheads, and taps are designed to conserve energy and water.

That is not all; these specially designed bathroom items also enhance your enjoyment of showers because the water pressure is much higher and shower downpour is more evenly distributed. With an upgrade to modern features you can save natural resources, live a more sustainable lifestyle and you can reduce your water and electricity bill.

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We haven’t even gotten into the sense of excitement that comes with getting your bathroom redone, nor the delight of using a freshly remodelled bathroom for the very first time.

2019 is without a doubt a good year to take on a big bathroom project. Don’t let that dull bathroom with its dated decor, tired appliances or risk of mould growth and stains stare you in the face any longer. Give Master Kitchens and Bathrooms a call right now and we can help you design a beautiful and trendy bathroom in no time at all.