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7 Concepts to Help You Create the Perfect Winter Bathroom

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7 Concepts to Help You Create the Perfect Winter Bathroom

We all know that feeling of rushing from your snuggly warm winter bed into the bathroom only to have the icy cold tiles and toilet seat drain all the warmth from your body. Or that feeling of desiring a warm and luxurious bath or shower after spending all day outside in the chilly winter weather only to be met with an icy bathroom temperature that feels you leaving just as chilled as before.

If only there was some way you could warm up your bathroom so this area in your home won’t become a dreaded trip when you already feel so cold.

Well, the good news is that modern bathroom equipment, designs and concepts have already reinvented bathrooms. Today you don’t have to invent a way to warm up this part of your home. You can get all the finest concepts installed into your bathroom along with the renovation so you can enjoy warm and cozy bathroom trips for the rest of your life. Here are the best concepts and ideas to create the perfect warm winter bathroom.

1. Add a Thick Rug

This is a simple thing you can do with great ease. You don’t have to settle for that tiny rectangular bathroom mat at all. Buy a nice and big rug, add some tape underneath to prevent it from slipping and your bathroom will already be much warmer.

2. Install Heated Floors

Timber or wood flooring feels much warmer during those chilly winter months than cold floor tiles. But with this type of flooring, you do need to be extra careful to dry off splashes from your bathroom floors. A good alternative is to get radiant-heat-flooring installed in your bathroom. These heated flooring systems won’t just keep those tiles from chilling you, they will warm up the entire bathroom.

3. Install a Warmer Light

We all tend to install those blue tinted lights in the bathroom for extra clarity. But this type of lighting can make your bathroom feel chilly and cold. Switch over to a bulb with a yellow tint for winter times and your bathroom will feel a lot warmer.

4. Install Heated Towel Bars

This is one of the ultimate luxury elements to install in your bathroom. Heated towel bars will keep all of those towels nice and warm so you can wrap up into warmth when you emerge from that steamy shower.

5. Choose a Heat Retaining Tub

Plastic tubs tend to be chilly and the water inside doesn’t stay warm for too long. Buy a copper, brass or limestone tub instead of a plastic tub. These tubs warm up with the water and stay warm for much longer so you can enjoy long soaks.

6. Add a Shower Curtain to Your Tub

Shower curtains can keep warmth locked inside. If your bathroom is quite spacious then this conversion can make a huge difference in winter bath sessions. 

7. Choose Heated Vanity Mirrors

Do you hate it when your bathroom mirror becomes all foggy after a hot shower or bath? Then you will love a heated vanity mirror. A heat plate is attached to the back of your mirror and warms up the mirror itself so it won’t get all fogged up. You can enjoy a crystal clear view no matter how much water vaporizes inside the bathroom.

All of these concepts will make a huge difference in your bathroom enjoyment during these chilly winters. At Master Kitchens and Bathrooms we specialise in creating custom modern bathrooms that suit your every need. We can get any of these concepts installed with your bathroom renovation so you can enjoy ultimate luxury during these chilly months.