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8 Reasons Every Home Should Have a Dedicated Laundry Room

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8 Reasons Every Home Should Have a Dedicated Laundry Room

There is just no question about it; every home should have a laundry room. In older home designs, lots of homes had laundry rooms constructed within them but as properties got smaller and apartments became more popular, architects did away with this important part of homes just to save space. The cramped “European laundry” is the ultimate example of this. 

Luckily, the laundry room trend is now making a huge comeback. This is a good thing too because this is probably one of the most important and handiest rooms to have in your home. Here are the top reasons every home should have a laundry room at your property.

  • Free Up Space in the Kitchen Or Bathroom

If your laundry room never existed, you would have to stash that washing machine somewhere else. Many homes have washing machines stationed in the kitchen and some have these huge machines stashed in the bathroom. 

This never is very functional and does take up a lot of space in these areas, especially if you are busy doing your laundry. Laundry rooms help you free up lots of space in these areas. You also free up space that normally would be used for an oversized laundry bin in the bathroom.

  • Keep Your Home Tidier

Piles of laundry flooding your laundry bin never look good. And everyone that doesn’t have a laundry room reserves one of the bedrooms for laundry duties when it is time to do the washing. 

With a laundry room, all of these piles of clothes will be stashed in this secluded area until you have time to tend to them and no one has to sacrifice a bedroom or bed while folding and ironing is being done. 

  • Keep Your Chemicals Secure

Laundry rooms are very handy for storing chemical cleaning products that could be harmful to children. You can lock all of these dangerous products away in a laundry cabin.

  • Everything You Need Is In One Place

When you have a dedicated laundry room, everything you need from the detergents to the pins to the iron is stashed in one single place. You don’t have to collect various needed tools from different storage areas and putting everything away is much easier.

  • Your Clothes Will Look Better

When everything is right where you need it and when you have a comfortable working area you can give clothes all the needed attention. Treat spots in comfort, iron your garments to perfection and fold everything in an area that is specially constructed for these types of care tasks.

  • Doing The Laundry Is Easier

No one likes doing laundry tasks but this hard job becomes a little bit better when you can work in a beautiful and fully equipped area.

  • Modern Laundry Rooms Look Pretty Fantastic

Your laundry room doesn’t have to be a sore eye in the house. With modern design concepts and ideas, you can create a pretty fantastic looking laundry room. This part of your home can become just as visually pleasing as any other area in your home.

  • Modernise Your Laundry Room Any Way You Please

When you install your laundry room you can modernise it any way you like. Install a sound system so you can listen to your favourite tunes while you iron your clothes. Install laundry baskets that allow you to colour code your washing. Install a demountable ironing board or build a pet wash bay into your laundry room. The possibilities are endless!

Do you want to create a fantastic looking laundry room in your home? At Master Kitchens & Bathrooms we can help you design the perfect laundry room and install all needed elements such as a sink, cupboards, working tables and much more in this room. Our team will help you design and create a very beautiful, modern and functional dedicated laundry and bathroom.