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Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

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Are you considering changing the look of your bathroom? A full bathroom renovation will change the look and functionality of your space, but bathrooms are complex and require practical solutions!

It’s a high-traffic, regularly used space in your home. Therefore, maximising comfort and practicality is a must. But how do you know which facilities and styles are going to work best for you? Even if you already have a good idea of what you’d like to achieve through a bathroom renovation, there’s every reason why you should reach out to a renovation expert.

Master Kitchens & Bathrooms is the leading name in renovating luxury bathrooms in Melbourne and beyond. From complete refits to upgrades, let our team take a closer look at your space. Together, we’ll help breathe new life into your bathroom – for a luxurious new space that’s practical, and great-looking.

What We Do

What are you looking for from the perfect bathroom renovation?

The team at Master Kitchens & Bathrooms is specialised in designing, building and extending spectacular looking bathrooms. We work with homeowners and families to renovate and re-establish bathroom spaces to add value, style, functionality, and a touch of luxury as desired.

Working with leading tradespeople, we cater for bathrooms of all ranges and values. We build budget bathrooms, but specialise in mid and high-end suites, and our team is always happy to consult on bespoke or complex spaces.

Making sure that we are up to date with the latest building codes, we operate as registered building practitioners. This means that we will be able to apply for bathroom extensions and upgrade permits on your behalf.

Our licensed team can do full bathroom renovations – from adding windows, removing walls and replacing tiles, right through to building a complete new bathroom. We can apply this expertise to your project from design through to fabrication and installation. Whether you desire more natural light, or a space replete with the latest fittings, we have a wide range of options available.

We work with top brands to help renovate and install the following facilities:

Bathtubs and shower units

Basin units


Bathroom cabinets

Bathroom lighting

Bathroom tiling (wall and floor)

Taps and drainage


Windows and natural light


If you have a specific need or desire, do make sure to consult our team for dedicated support.

Why Choose Master Kitchens and Bathrooms?

Master Kitchens & Bathrooms offers a service that stands apart from other specialist services in the renovations and extensions industry.

When looking for support with bathroom renovations, you’re going to need help and guidance which is regulated, clear and reliable. Allow us to break things down further for you.

Our Responsibilities to You

Master Kitchens & Bathrooms offers a thorough, responsible, and regulated approach. That means that you can be sure our ventilation and waterproofing services are compliant through national building codes and regulations.

We’re also fully insured, which means we take complete responsibility and care in all the work we undertake. We will provide you with a Domestic Building Insurance Certificate before your renovation commences and Compliance Certificates on completion of your renovation. We also make sure that our designers are fully qualified – they don’t just have a fantastic eye for detail!

Communication and Clarity

We work efficiently and with punctuality. We will always complete your renovation within the timescales we set for your project at the start of consultation. The length of time taken to renovate your bathroom may vary. However, we generally advise that a full renovation may take up to four weeks to complete from start to finish.

We want to add genuine value to your home. We keep you at the heart of your bathroom renovation, too. If at any point during your project you’d like to make a few suggestions or changes, please let us know.

We are clear on invoicing and charges, and we won’t issue your final invoice until you are completely satisfied with our work.

Expertise and Experience

Our contractors and subcontractors are friendly and knowledgeable, and can help you create a bathroom that fits your needs and lifestyle. What’s more, we are committed to providing you the best service, whether you’re undertaking a small project or a full scale renovation.

For example, by complying with strict regulations, we will always ensure your bathroom will meet standard building requirements, ensuring quality and functionality for years to come.

Our dedicated team has spent years developing a portfolio of fantastic, flexible solutions and enhancing our expertise. Even from the design stage onwards, you can rely on our team to offer genuine insight and support to bring the best out of your bathroom.

We understand that plumbing can be complicated. That is why it is crucial you approach a team of experts with specialist knowledge. Never try to install bathroom suites on your own when you can delegate to a certified team of professionals.

Bathroom Renovations Melbourne – Styles and Choices

Not sure which style of bathroom to choose for your renovation? We will always be happy to offer some inspiration.

Please also note that through all styles of bathroom and wet room we design and build for you, we will always adhere to building codes. Failure to comply with these codes may result in escalating costs for you for years to come.

Here is just a selection of what we can bring to life for you:

modern european inspired bathroom

European Styles

This Scandinavian-inspired bathroom aesthetic harks back to nature. Inspired by artistic movements of the 1930s, these bathrooms will balance functionality with a feeling of the great outdoors.

These bathrooms may boast large windows for natural light, and ergonomic design throughout. What’s more, you can expect natural wood surfaces and units, as well as a simple, clean aesthetic with monochromatic palettes throughout.

We are also pleased to offer French Provincial style bathrooms. These spaces provide a rural aesthetic and feel, and revolve around opulent flourishes and touches.

retro style bathroom

Retro Styles

Are you looking for a nostalgic bathroom? Theme your space after the popular trends of the last 70 years. We can design and build nostalgic replicas which are difficult to find in the modern age. This may be a great choice if you have fond memories of a childhood bathroom, for example.

elegant bathroom with wood cabinets and drawers

Hamptons Styles

A Hamptons style bathroom takes after movements in interior design from coastal New York. These bathroom suites offer simple elegance and extensive worktop space, as well as a muted palette throughout.

A Hamptons space is likely to provoke thoughts of the sea. It’s a pleasant, appropriate style for a room where you are likely to relax regularly!

modern style bathroom

Modern Styles

Of course, we also specialise in fantastic contemporary looks. These styles may vary; however, they are stylish, streamlined, and reduce build-up and clutter. Expect stone touches, and practical, appealing storage solutions which won’t choke your space.

Master bathroom in luxury home

Country Styles

Country style bathrooms are immensely popular. These detailed suites are modern yet fall back on timber details and some flourishes. A nice midway point between modern simplicity and country flourishes, we will be happy to show you how much personality timber can bring to your ideal bathroom space.

Asian style bathroom

Asian Styles

Eastern bathroom options borrow from clutter-free spaces largely popular across China, Singapore and beyond. Glass doors and panelling are a must, as are natural touches and elements. These bathroom spaces are free from unnecessary storage and fixtures. This look is a great choice for anyone keen to simplify.

Of course, we supply a more extensive range of options for bathroom renovations Melbourne and beyond. Do get in touch with our team to find out more about your renovation potential.

Considerations to Keep in Mind

Please keep in mind that some additional costs may apply depending on how much you want to change or update your existing bathroom. For example, if you would like to reconfigure the layout of services in your bathroom such as the plumbing and electrical, this will add to the cost of the renovation.

And for older bathrooms which may contain asbestos or other harmful material, an additional cost may also be applied.

We will ensure to take you through all potential costs before work on your project begins. Please consider other additional cost points, potential for your bathroom renovation:

Structural rework

Large or complex extensions

Height or ceiling changes

Storage refits


Window refits and redesigns

Plumbing rework and redesign

Electricity rework and redesign

If you are concerned that the cost of your bathroom project may escalate, you can always feel free to discuss your options with our team. We are pleased to offer free consultations.

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