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Bathrooms and Laundry

Our talented designers are ready to create for you a unique bathroom space that is both rejuvenating and functional. Your home’s bathroom is a high traffic space and has to be designed with functionality in mind to support your day to day life. Whether you’re a small family just getting started, or you’ve got kids creating mess and chaos, your bathroom needs to be able to handle it, all while looking beautiful. At Master Kitchens and Bathrooms we create some of the most innovative bathroom designs in Melbourne. In collaboration with suppliers we can create for you bespoke solutions for custom showers, baths, cabinets and more. Have a chat with our team and see what we can do for you.

We also offer the same services for laundries. A room that’s often forgotten about and hidden behind closed doors can be a beautiful space to rival any other. The opportunities for functionality in laundry are limitless, and we aim to create spaces that rival the excellence of any other room in your home.

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