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How We Work

How we work

Our process is simple. We look at your existing bathroom, laundry, kitchen or wardrobe, and your ideas, then work with you to design, renovate and build your dream room. We’re with you from start to finish, building your renovations to exactly your specifications.  Talk to the team at Master Kitchens and Bathrooms today to get started with a quote. 

Step 1. Free Initial Consultation


Before you even decide to work with us, we’ll do an initial consultation and evaluation of the room you wish to renovate. This involves mapping and appraising your room, conducting a feasibility study, and creating a digital 2D and 3D scale model of the space. This allows us to plan out what you want to keep, and what you want to change.

Step 2. Ideation and Design


With our expert designers at hand, the stage is yours. We work with you to turn your ideas in to fully realised, professional level designs, ready to be approved and built. Using the latest in digital design software we can test for you a virtually limitless range of design options on the model of your very own kitchen or bathroom. You can see how it will look before you commit, and with the knowledge and skills of our experts aiding your decisions, create something brilliant

Step 3. Renovation and Final Build


The final step can often be the most daunting. Everything is in place and the last thing left is to set things into motion. It’s time to build your renovations for real. From here, stick with us and our in-house team of builders will take care of everything. Working closely with designers has its benefits. Our professional licensed tradesmen can see your design from our perspective, and ensure the build is carried out to the highest quality. Our building team is professionally trained, licensed and verified by the Victorian Building Authority. Your satisfaction is paramount, and we aim to provide the highest quality service, no matter the situation.

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All of our projects over the value of $16,000 come with a domestic building insurance certificate. Working with our skilled team of expert designers and craftsmen will give you peace of mind and the knowledge that your new renovations are going to be of the highest quality. Call us today (1300 222 422) for a free consultation and let us help you get the results you’re looking for.