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Small Kitchen? Check Out These Kitchen Décor Ideas

Small Kitchen? Check Out These Kitchen Décor Ideas

While a big kitchen with plenty of storage and bench space is a dream for many, it’s not always possible if you live in a small home or apartment. But with some clever tricks and help from a master renovator, you can create a perfectly functional space without feeling cramped.

If you’re planning a kitchen renovation, check out these great kitchen décor ideas to see how you can make a space that works.

Use available wall space

Many kitchens have at least one wall that is not filled with appliances or cabinets, so take advantage of the space for extra storage of everyday items.

Floating shelves can be used to house plates, breakfast items, herbs and spices or pantry essentials. You can also utilise the free wall space over your benchtop to hang utensils or pots and pans.

kitchen floating shelves

Opt for a light tone-on-tone colour scheme

Since dark colours can make a room feel smaller, choose a light colour scheme to brighten up your kitchen and give the illusion of space.

Add a feature tile wall

Even though having a light colour scheme will help make your room brighter, you can add in a feature wall with colourful tiles. This is best done on the opposite wall from the entry, as this adds depth and breaks up the monotony of a plain colour scheme.

Create more storage

Clutter can make your kitchen feel cramped, so try to get as much off the benches as you can. If you don’t have enough cupboards at the moment, further cabinetry can be added during the renovation process. Glass-front cabinets allow you easily spot what you need and create a feeling of openness, or you may like to opt for shelves without doors to open. Shelves can also be built on the adjacent walls or added into your kitchen island.

Purchase a rolling cart

If it seems impossible to add more storage, a rolling storage cart can hold pantry items or cookware. This can be stored in another room and rolled in and out as you need.

Combine your dining area and kitchen

If you don’t use a dining table for formal entertaining, you may be able to expand your kitchen out, adding extra cabinetry. One side of the kitchen can be used for both bench space and also have chairs or stools for eating meals. Alternatively, you can add an island or table in the middle of the room with extra storage space underneath .

Choose bright lights

As already mentioned, a dark room gives the appearance of being smaller, so add bright lights that cover every part of your kitchen. This could be a mixture of ceiling lights, under bench lights and wall lights, that when turned on give the illusion of a wider area.

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