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Small Kitchen Renovation: 6 Brilliant and Ingenious Ideas

small elegant minimalist kitchen

Small Kitchen Renovation: 6 Brilliant and Ingenious Ideas

While small homes are quite charming and cosy, the tight layout can often make it difficult to renovate and decorate. The kitchen, in particular, as the busiest room in the house, typically requires a lot of space to fit in function and aesthetic. But with the right design solutions and plan, you can maximise your small kitchen’s storage and efficiency while keeping it visually elegant and appealing.

Working with a Small Kitchen: What to Do Before Renovating

Before proceeding with any renovation, it’s vital to check what you’re working with— that is, be familiar with the entirety of the kitchen, from wall placements to window and door openings, to ceiling heights, to columns and beams. Looking at the space as a whole helps you with initial planning, as this will often determine the placement of certain elements in your kitchen.

small elegant minimalist kitchen

Ideas for Small Kitchen Renovation

Planning for the design of a scaled-down kitchen is a fantastic way to flex your creative muscles. Here are six of the best small kitchen renovation ideas you and your builder can turn into reality.

1. Minimalist. Less is more, especially for a small kitchen. Keeping your space simple is one of the best options, as a clean design can make a kitchen feel more spacious, clean, and organised.

2. Monochrome. Monochrome colours make your kitchen feel more streamlined and spacious. Choosing sleek colours such as silver, grey, or blue can make your space look more sophisticated and classy, while bright colours bring out a more vibrant and open feeling.

3. White and Stainless Steel. Fancy a timeless look for your kitchen? Opt for a classic white colour palette but with stainless steel appliances and chrome fixtures.

4. Concealed. One of the popular modern trends of small kitchen designs is concealed kitchens: ingeniously hiding the entirety or parts of your kitchen behind folding or sliding doors. Perfect for studio apartments.

5. Galley. Did you know that galley kitchens were originally designed for cooking areas in boats? It’s only natural to consider adopting this compact yet efficient kitchen layout for your small space.

6. One-wall. Modern small apartments and houses typically have one-wall designed kitchens. All of the cabinets are placed along one wall, making the kitchen more open and accessible.

Tips & Reminders for Renovating a Small Kitchen

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with a renovation project, more so with a small kitchen that needs a more creative approach. Here are some useful design and renovation tips to help you.

1. Declutter. Pare down to the bare minimum and let go of the unnecessary to avoid having a crowded space later on. The last thing you want to do is make your kitchen feel enclosed and claustrophobic.

2. Streamline appliances and opt for integrated, rather than freestanding where possible.

3. The same goes for maximising your kitchen’s height by choosing overhead cabinets and open shelves.

4. Consider bespoke cabinetry if your kitchen has an odd or awkward shape.

5. Be mindful of placement. Firstly, your cooktop and sink should not be too close together as this poses a safety risk. Secondly, your appliances should not disrupt any doors; for example, you should be able to open your dishwasher and fridge without hitting one another.

6. Consult and work with an expert. When designing your kitchen, not only does it have to be functional, but it also has to fit in with the aesthetic of your home. Some homeowners even consider the kitchen as their house’s cornerstone, making it integral in setting the overall style and theme of the property. But balancing function and form is easier said than done— which is why it’s best to work with kitchen renovation professionals.

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