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Top 5 Reasons to Renovate Your Kitchen in 2019

Top 5 Reasons to Renovate Your Kitchen in 2019

One of the best investments you can make this year is an investment in your home and at Master Kitchens and Bathrooms we do believe that the kitchen is the best place to start.

The kitchen is the heart and soul of any home. It is the place where laughter is shared, where delicious foods are prepared and where all of the best stories are told. It is one of the most used areas in your home and it is an area where you will greet just about every guest that steps into your home.

A beautiful and modern kitchen improves home life in so many different ways and there are so many good reasons that 2019 is the right time to take on this type of renovation project. Here are the top reasons to renovate your kitchen before the year is out.

1. Boost Property Value

The kitchen is the room that has the biggest impact on your property value, not just because kitchens can be so expensive to redo but also because everyone loves to cook in a new modern kitchen. This certainly is one of the first conversion projects you can consider if you are planning on selling your home in the near future or if you simply want to maintain high property value in your competing neighbourhood.

2. It Is a Chance to Modernize Your Home

Technology is advancing at a rapid rate and modern kitchen appliances, devices and accessories make a huge difference in home functionality. Your kitchen renovation is the perfect opportunity to get with the times and 2019’s most popular kitchen concepts all include modern features such as water-saving taps, energy-saving appliances, smart kitchen systems, kitchen command centres, UV protected windows, coffee bars and all sorts of modern gadgets that will make cooking much easier.

3. Get More Storage Space

If you have always battled to find enough storage space for all of your cutlery and kitchenware then 2019 is the best time for an upgrade. Modern kitchen cabinet designs are much more diverse than ever before and many of these designs allows you to put away so much more in dedicated spots for enhanced kitchen comfort. With lots of storage space such as drawers, cabinets, spice racks, hidden compartments and more you can keep your kitchen neat and organised with great ease.

4. Get a Kitchen You Actually Love

There are some pretty fantastic older kitchen designs out there and there might be nothing wrong with the kitchen you have. But just because a kitchen is beautiful doesn’t mean that it suits your personal style or your home. Modern kitchen designs are much more streamlined, smoother and allow more freedom to move. These kitchens don’t just look modern, they also suit your modern way of cooking and doing things so much better. If you want a kitchen that suits your personal style and your life then right now is a great time to get to work on conversion.

5. Modern Kitchens Can Make It Easier To Stay Healthy

Healthy living and health goals are very popular all over the world and especially here in Australia. People love specific eating habits such as meal prep, keto diets or gluten-free lifestyles. Modern kitchen designs make it much easier to cook healthier foods, to stick to your new dieting goals because the type of appliances and cooking tools you choose suits these types of cooking methods better, the fridges and freezers are more suitable for your lifestyle and the right design makes it much easier to keep track of your eating habits or to plan meals ahead.

2019 is definitely the right time to turn over a new leaf and to recreate your home so you can reinvent your life. Speak to our experts at Master Kitchens and Bathrooms and we will help you design and install a kitchen you love and that loves you.